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Mrs. Prabha Biju

Asstt. Professor,
 Computer Applications,
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Prabha Biju

Professor Prabha Biju has over 22 years of teaching experience. She is a committed, resourceful and an innovative academician who is dedicated towards the well-being and overall academic growth of her students. Her Contribution in the field of Computer Sciences will always be inspiring the researchers and students. She has several National and International papers to her credit. Under her leadership many conferences/seminars/workshops has been conducted. She has also authored five books and wrote chapters in several books.

Aim/ Scope
“The BSSS Journal of Computer”(ISSN: 0975-7228) is an annually a print Journal by the Department of Computer Applications of The Bhopal School of Social Sciences, Bhopal. This journal seeks to serve as a valuable forum for the presentation, scrutiny and exchange of research ideas. The articles and research papers of Computer Science and Information Technology related academic discipline are published in this journal. This journal caters to active technology professionals of various educational institutions, industries and organizations. All the papers undergo a thorough review process by a panel of experts prior to publication.
Cloud Computing Past-Present and Future | Original Article

Volume: 9/ Issue: 1 , 2018, Pages: 1 - 9 (09)
Dr. Shradha Masih*

About 5 years back when people used to stand in line for booking railway tickets, the reservation system failed due to server overload. People had no choice but to wait till the link or server recovered. Another scenario may be the delay in bank cheque clearance because of load on server. Such problems don't arise today because of emergence of cloud computing technology. This paper attempts to compare the past, present and future of Cloud Computing and thus show the various advantages of this technology.
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Global perspectives of IT and deployment of Big Data and Cloud Computing | Original Article

Volume: 9/ Issue: 1 , 2018, Pages: 10 - 18 (09)
Dr G Kumar*

The use of information technology (IT) as a competitive weapon has become a popular quote nowadays. There is still however a marked lack of understanding of the issues that determine the influence of IT on a particular organization or an Industry and the processes that will allow a smooth coordination of technology and corporate strategy. Opportunities arising from information technology can be viewed from three perspectives: (1) Improvement of organizational efficiency and effectiveness (2) Threat from competition from related industry [3] Business threats from an outside industry which can change the business portfolio. The increase in volume of data handled and emerging cloud computing provide certain opportunities and associated challenges to information technology. This paper briefly deals with them along with industry trends
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Structuring the Federation of Cloud Service for Big Data | Original Article

Volume: 9/ Issue: 1 , 2018, Pages: 19- 29 (11)
Isha Sood,Varsha Sharma

The demand for agile and flexible business application for big data has sparked interest in using cloud computing technology. Due to the limitation of provider's capability and the magnanimity of task quantity for big data, a single cloud provider may not offer enough service resources. However, a service federation among multiple providers can effectively solve this problem. This paper proposes the framework of cloud federation and introduces the basic processes of building service federation among multiple cloud providers. Moreover, we propose a multi-objectives task assigning model in the federation. A genetic algorithm based heuristic approach is developed as the optimization method. Eventually, some simulation experiments are conducted to illustrate the effectiveness of the model.
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An Efficient Neural Network Learning Approach for Content Video Image Retrieval | Original Article

Volume: 9/ Issue: 1 , 2018, Pages: 30- 38 (09)
Neha Upadhyay

Content-based image retrieval (CBIR) is an effective move towards for obtaining a desired image, however, due to the semantic gap between low-level optical features and high-level concept of the picture, a CBIR system of state-of-the-art always can't accomplish gratifying retrieval performance. This paper presents a stretchable approach for content-based video image. This work is separated into four modules: video parsing, feature extraction, training of neural network, searching. Using this technique video picture from databases has been searched satisfactorily. The primary advantage of this technique is that it is based on the hue value of the image, so that if an image/video also withdrawn in the dark, can be searched efficiently. This method acts in light and dark videos similarly. Secondly, it offers flexibility to the user to select searching parameter, so that users can receive resultant searched video image according to his/her own requirements.
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Emergence of Cloud Computing in Education System | Original Article

Volume: 9/ Issue: 1 , 2018, Pages: 39 - 43 (05)
Simran Kaur Saluja,Namrata Jain, Geetanjli Khambra Raghuwanshi

In today's time, education had playeda vital role in increasing the economic growth of thecountry. In present scenario, there has been a change seen in the classroom teaching as the students are more attracted towards the updated technology. So, with the change of environment, it is very important that we think about the latest technologies which will give the society and the country a better of way of teaching and learning various things. The most trending technology used is Cloud Computing. In today's time, the need for education through internet is becoming an emerging need and is constantly growing and developing, so we need the e-learning systems to keep the pace with the technology. Cloud Computing is highly scalable and has become an attractive technology which can be easily available to the users. It has a significant impact on educational institutions in the future course of time. This paper focuses on the importance of cloud computing in education systems.
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Mining frequent patterns using Synthetic | Original Article

Volume: 9/ Issue: 1 , 2018, Pages: 44 - 50 (07)
Manmohan Singh,Ramesh Prasad Aharwa,Sarika Heda

This paper studies the problem of frequent pattern mining with uncertain data. We will show tree based mining for frequent pattern mining from uncertain transaction. Experimental results show the efficient in our proposed work. In that particular we analysis an Apriori-based algorithm, named MS-Apriori, is developed to mine all frequent item sets, we analysis the same problem but with two base additional improvements. We propose a FP-tree-like structure, MIS-tree, to store the crucial information about frequent patterns. Consequently, an efficient MIS-tree-based algorithm, called the CFP-growth algorithm, is this technologically advanced for mining all frequent item data sets. We evaluate the performance of the algorithm using both synthetic datasets and real useful datasets, and the results show that the CFP-growth algorithm is much more efficient and scalable than the MS-Apriori algorithm.
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Journey Towards Future Web Technologies | Original Article

Volume: 9/ Issue: 1 , 2018, Pages: 51 - 59 (09)
Insha Fatima Rizvi,Anu Mangal,Tanishk Gangrade

In recent years, the net has been obtaining additional and additional constituted in our daily lives. We tend to use it for everything, from shopping to banking to reading our news. Present nature of knowledge makes the net the foremost powerful tool of communication amongst humans, entertainment, education, business and plenty of different activities without which our present life would be way more difficult. It implicates progressively huge quantity of digitalized data being processed within the internet specified it constitutes a challenge for development of recent internet technologies. Intensive dynamism of the web content stimulates users' creativeness to take advantage of new multimedia options creating the web services additional attractive to the precise desires like e.g. multilingual data access, domain data retrieval. The increase within the variety of worldwide corporations embeds new technologies, into their business models with automation, digitalization, artificial and intelligence. AI is changing into less of a rarity and more of an expectation. The digital business evolution is exploiting new digital models to align a lot of and to the physical and digital world for workers, partners, and customers. Technology is frozen in everything. This paper provides numerous technologies from the past till date of innovations in internet. From the web browsers in early 90's to the present day Wi-Fi everything is provided at a glance.
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Cyber Crimes and Information Safekeeping: Threats and Solutions | Original Article

Volume: 9/ Issue: 1 , 2018, Pages: 60 -64(05)
Habi Patrick

The purpose of this paper is to understand the perspective of Cybercrime: the Phenomena, Challenges and lawful reaction is to assist everyone in accepting the legal aspects of cyber security and to facilitate synchronize legal frameworks. The issue of cyber crime deals with effects of cyber crimes on a network. In addition to this, it includes network security in a holistic circumstance, vitally reviewing the consequence and role of network security in tumbling attacks in information systems that are connected to the internet. As, all this unfavorably affects the competence of information security of any kind of security that exists and is used in the information systems. In view of the fact that hackers and other offenders in the implicit world are trying to get the most dependable undisclosed information at negligible cost through viruses and other forms of wicked soft-wares, then the crisis of information safekeeping - the longing to mystify the attacker: tune-up information security provides him with erroneous information; the safeguard of computer information is trying to maximally detach the database from external tampering.
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Disaster Management: Technology to the Rescue | Original Article

Volume: 9/ Issue: 1 , 2018, Pages: 65 - 75 (11)
Sini Shibu

Today's world is full of dangers and hazards. There are several hazard types such as floods, earthquakes, fire, landslides etc. to name a few. These disasters cause a lot of loss to life and property. The Government agencies try their level best to implement mitigation strategies so that the effects of these disasters and hazards can be reduced. This paper analyses the various ways in which technology can be utilized for reducing the effects of the disasters.
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Impact of Cloud Computing on education | Original Article

Volume: 9/ Issue: 1 , 2018, Pages: 76 - 81 (06)
S Sateesh

Knowledge is freedom. A small piece of knowledge can do anything. It can change our perspective from how our universe works to how we can violate it for the benefits it holds. Knowledge is that superpower which transformed apes and made them as we know as humans. As like any power knowledge also needs a medium to flow like how electricity needs wire to flow and spread throughout the world. For almost more than a millennial we had a most effective medium to spread the knowledge and that was books which helped to get hold of tremendous amount of knowledge shared by different scholars and professors of different era's. Books preserved the knowledge and kept on improving but never vanished and before books there were scriptures, scrolls and wall paintings. Which preserved knowledge and acted as a medium for some time but they were not effective and as result some survivors are not still readable what they want to convey .Books lived longer because of its mobility and thanks to the invention of printing press machines it spread like plague, but they are still not that access able for everyone to get because of the price factor and time consuming to find the right book. In this Internet era we are having a solution to completely bombard the process of spreading the knowledge, A better medium than books and the answer is Cloud Computing. In my research i explored a fraction of cloud computing utility which is focused on its educational factor and how it can be used to access knowledge like never before.
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Awareness of Cloud Computing in Students | Original Article

Volume: 9/ Issue: 1 , 2018, Pages: 82 - 91 (10)
Ashwani Kumar

Today, Cloud Computing is an emerging way of computing in computer science. Cloud Computing is a set of resources and services that are available in the internet. Cloud Computing extends various computing techniques like grid computing, distributed computing, etc. Today Cloud Computing is used in both industrial field and academic field. Cloud facilitates its users by providing vital resources via internet. As the field of cloud computing is spreading the new techniques are developed. This increase in a cloud computing environment also increases security challenges for cloud developers. Users of cloud, save their data in the cloud hence the lack of security in the cloud can lose the user's trust. This paper discusses some of the cloud security issues in various aspects like multi-tenancy, elasticity, availability etc. The paper also discourse existing security awareness in students who are pursuing a bachelor's degree. This paper will enable researchers and professionals to know about different security threats and models and the tools that cloud offers are satisfying the user or not.
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A comparative rumination on analyzing information surveillance in Cloud Computing | Original Article

Volume: 9/ Issue: 1 , 2018, Pages: 92 - 96(07)
Kretika Tiwari, Priyanka Sharma

Cloud computing is an cyberspace based computing sculpt which gives numerous resources through Cloud Service provider to Cloud Users person on claim basis lacking import the underlying infrastructure and follows pay per drawn on basis. Cloud computing practice has increased quickly in many organizations. Cloud computing is the famous technology for scaling of wide ranging data and difficult computation. Cloud computing offer many reward during requisites of low cost and ease of use of data. Data security is one of the rationalization topic in cloud computing. This survey paper covers varied security algorithms allied to cloud computing and shows a comparative study on data security algorithms.
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