The Bhopal School of Social Sciences
An Autonomous Institution Run by the Archdiocese of Bhopal
Re-accredited with 'A' Grade CGPA 3.27 Cycle 3 by NAAC
Affiliated to Barkatullah University, Bhopal
Regd. No. 3286, 01-05-1972, Estd. 1972
The Bhopal School of Social Sciences
An Autonomous Institution Run by the Archdiocese of Bhopal
Re-accredited with 'A' Grade CGPA 3.27 Cycle 3 by NAAC
ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 14001:2004 Certified Institute
Affiliated to Barkatullah University, Bhopal
Workshop & Seminar
Details of Seminars, Conferences and Workshops Conducted by the Department of Commerce from 2011-12 to 2016-17

Session: 2012-13
Title: Impact of Multinationals on Trade and Commerce
Nature: National Seminar
Date: 30-31 October, 2012
Prominent Speakers: Mr. P.R. Ravi Mohan (Regional Director, RBI)
Sponsored by: UGC

Session: 2014-15
Title: FDI - Challenges and Opportunities
Nature: National Workshop
Date: 12-13 February, 2015
Prominent Speakers: Dr. Mangal Mishra (NPTM, Indore) & Mr. J.M. Vishnoi (DGM, FT)
Sponsored by: UGC

Session: 2015-16
Title: Tourism Management - its impact on Entrepreneurs and Professional.
Nature: National Workshop
Date: 07 April 2015
Prominent Speakers: Mr. Ashwini Lohani (MD, MPTC)
Sponsored by: UGC

Guest Lectures 
  • 26/08/2016 - Mr. C.N. Rai - Insurance Sector and Aspects
  • 29/08/2016 ; 30/08/2016 - C.A. Manish Bhawesh - Income Tax Procedure and Practice
  • 06/09/2016 - Mr. Om Nath Sharma - Stock Market
  • 08/09/2016 ; 09/09/2016 - C.S. Avdhesh Parashar - Negotiable Instrument Act
  • 04/10/2016 - Mr. Sandeep Malu - Concept of Stock Market and Derivative Market
  • 17/10/2016 - Dr. Madhur Jain - Holder and Holder in due course and crossing of Cheque
  • 18/10/2016 - Dr. S. Pandey - Containerization in FT
  • 25/10/2016 - Dr. S. Pandey - Role of EXIM Banks in FT
  • 25/10/2016 ; 26/10/2016 - CA Bhawesh Manish - Lifting of corporate veil
  • 11/11/2016 - Mr. K.R. Suresh - Functioning of NABARD ethics & vigilance to promote integrity
  • 18/01/2017 - Mr. Rupendra Gajbhiye - Financial Modelling
  • 05/02/2017 - Mr. Sunil Subramaniyam - Recruitment, Selection & Training in Bank
  • 08/02/2017 - Ms. Bhawna Chawla - Promotion of Entrepreneurship in Students
  • 09/02/2017 - Ms. Vibha Rathore and Ms. Rekha Lalwani - Importance of River, Social Problems of Population & Social Ethics
  • 13/02/2017 - Mr. Navneet Garg - Union Budget 2017
  • 13/02/2017 - Ms. Breez Tripathi - Meaning, Importance and Scope of HR Manager
  • 15/02/2017 - Mr. Tariq Khan - Cyber Crime and Security
Commerce Club Report 

Quizact 2017 

A quiz competition - 'Quizact' was organised by Dr. Arti Mudaliar under the commerce club of the Department of Commerce on 31st January 2017. This was an intra-departmental activity in which seven teams representing each of the seven courses of B.Com participated.

Each team has three students . 'Quizact' was designed as an interesting blend of activity and knowledge. The main objective of this event was to inculcate the habit of regular newspaper reading, application of subjective knowledge in different situation, awareness of the products and the different types of companies producing them and to know closely ones own surroundings. Thus 'Quizact' was divided in four rounds namely:
  1. Khabron ki Dunia - Questions on major news headlines related to politics, sports and general affairs were asked after showing them the news clippings.
  2. Boojho to Jaane - Questions related to Case studies were asked. This round included questions from English, accountancy and Principles of Management.
  3. Product Round - Students were asked to identify and seperate products of a same company from the jumbled products given to them of different companies.
  4. KYC - The last round was Know Your Country, know your city and know your campus. Each team was asked three questions related to country, city and campus. Each round had displays on screen designed innovatively with the help of Tripda Rawal, Faculty, Department of Commerce.
All the students participated enthusiastically and enjoyed each round. The audience also participated wholeheartedly and a special prize "Star performer" was kept for the student who would answer most of the unanswered questions from the different teams. This award was bagged by Yashraj Nigam of VI - Sem Taxation. The winner team was B.Com Economics whereas runner team was B.Com Honours. Medals were awarded to them by Dr. Ashish Dilraj, Head of Department, Commerce.


An intra-departmental Funtakshari was organised on 18th October 2016. There were 7 teams from seven streams of B.Com viz: Honours, Taxation, Insurance, Foriegn Trade, Travel and Tourism, Computers and Economics and seven rounds comprising of songs based on commercial terma, Jingle round, term - war and other interesting rounds. Economics team was the winner whereas Taxation was the runner up.
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